We present you an NVMe server along with tips for purchasing this service

What is an NVMe server? If you are looking to buy the right server for your site, you will definitely come across servers that have different types of memory. Some use NVMe memory, others can use SSD memory, and older versions use regular HDD memory.

Servers that use NVMe memory are among the most modern types of servers that have much higher speeds and more modern technology than other types of storage memory. In this article we will look at the problems what is an NVMe server? How it works? And what are the features that may make you want to buy? We will also introduce you to the different types of servers that use this memory.

What is NVMe server memory?

NVMe stands for Non-Volatile Express Memory. This type of memory is one of the most up-to-date and advanced types of hard drives produced in the world, which has a high speed due to its special architecture and you can have a very fast experience when using this type of hard drive drive. NVMe is up to 4 times faster than conventional SSDs and is therefore one of the first choices for companies and individuals who need to speed up their business and website.

One of the things that speeds up your NVMe hard drive compared to other hard drives is that the NVMe hard drive connects directly to the system motherboard and also uses the NVME PCIe hard drive connection port.

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Advantages of buying an nvme server The fastest server with a high hard drive

Advantages of purchasing an NVMe server

1. Low energy consumption

NVMe has very low power consumption due to its modern structure and new technologies in its construction; So two servers are the same, one uses one NVMe hard drive and the other different types of hard drives, the difference in their power consumption is very large.

2. Very high speed

As mentioned, this type of device connects directly to the motherboard and also uses PCIe connection ports. It has a very high speed of reading and writing information.

3. Ability to perform heavy activities on the NVMe server

If your business or website is in a way that has a lot of heavy work and a large amount of information; We recommend that you use the NVMe server because it handles heavy activity with a lot of information.

4. Advanced cache

In the NVMe memory you see one of the most modern cache systems in the world.

How nvme works

In servers that use NVMe memory, the method of exchanging information between the server and the memory is that the server first converts its commands into I / O command queues and then these commands are recorded and prepared by the bell. It is being processed.

In the next step, the controller in the NVMe memory regularly checks whether a specific processing instruction is registered to execute it. The procedure is that the NVMe controller receives commands for I / O Command Queues.

In the next step, the controller sends the received commands to the I / O completion queue together with a short stop or interrupt command. Finally, the server must receive and register the existing queue commands to complete the I / O.

Types of NVMe servers

  1. NVMe virtual server
  2. NVMe dedicated server
  3. NVMe cloud server
  4. NVMe Iran server
  5. Server outside of NVMe

There are several servers that use NVMe memory. Below we will introduce you to different types of NVMe servers.

Nvme virtual server

What types of NVMe servers are available?

1. NVMe virtual server

One of the most common servers that use NVMe hard drives are virtual servers, also known as VPS virtual servers. NVMe virtual servers build several virtual versions of a real server, the primary server using NVMe’s hard drive. In fact, on a real and physical server, you can have several separate servers, each with separate resources and using a specific operating system.

Advantages of NVMe Virtual Server

  • Full server control and root access
  • You will receive more affordable costs from the facilities you receive.
  • You can easily upgrade the resources you want.

Disadvantages of NVMe Virtual Server

  • You need basic knowledge to maintain and manage it.
  • This costs more than shared services.

2. NVMe dedicated server

Dedicated servers also use NVMe memory, which can provide you with a high-speed experience. Dedicated servers provide you with a physical server with all its features and hardware.

Simply put, the full capacity of a real physical server is only for one person and his resources will not be shared with another person or shared with another server. On your dedicated server, you can completely make any changes you want and install any operating system or server you need on your server.

Advantages of NVMe Dedicated Server

  • Very high speed: Because these types of servers provide you with full resources and also use NVMe memory, you will experience very high speeds.
  • Full server access: You have complete control over your server and the information and resources on your server will not be shared with any other person or server in any way.

The fastest virtual server

Advantages of purchasing an NVMe virtual server

3. NVMe cloud server

In cloud servers we also see that NVMe memory is used. One of the most interesting concepts that has recently come to the fore is cloud technology, which is also used by cloud servers. In cloud servers, part of a physical server is shared, and clients can have specific resources from that physical server depending on their needs.

Advantages of NVMe Cloud Server

  • cost reduction: On these servers, because you share resources on a server and also use these resources as much as you need, this will reduce your costs.
  • Easy to use: You do not need special knowledge to use it in cloud servers.
  • Reduce time: Cloud services generally increase the speed of access to information, and on the other hand, the speed in the NVMe cloud server is doubled due to the use of NVMe hard drive.

4. NVMe server in Iran and abroad

NVMe memory servers can be located in Iran or abroad. One of the important factors for accessing information is the distance to the desired server. Iran NVMe server because it is located in the country and people who want to connect to these servers from inside the country wait less time, and on the other hand, the use of NVMe memory helps to receive and read information very quickly. The external NVMe server is suitable for websites with an external audience.

Concluding remarks

NVMe servers are suitable for those looking for fast hosting. Normal server memory can cause problems when trying to access large amounts of data, but you can increase the server’s read speed by purchasing an NVMe hard drive. The use of NVMe devices in hosting services is increasing today.

In this section, we have tried to introduce you to the NVMe server and also introduce you to the different types of servers that use this type of memory, so you can make the best choice if you buy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an NVMe server?

Servers are always included computers that have the same hardware as home computers. One of these hardware used in servers is the hard drive. One of the newest types of hard drives is the NVMe hard drive. An NVMe server is a server that uses various NVMe hard drives for the hardware of your hard drive.

2. What types of NVMe servers are available?

There are different types of servers that use NVMe hard drives. NVMe virtual server, NVMe special server, NVMe cloud server and NVMe server in Iran and abroad are among these cases.

3. What are the benefits of buying an NVMe server?

The use of NVMe servers has advantages such as low power consumption, high speed, ability to perform heavy activities, parallel activities and advanced cache memory.

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We present you NVMe server together with tips for buying this service for the first time in Parsupak. appear.

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