Well-known analyst: 5 digital currencies will perform well for next month

A well-known analyst in the digital currency market has identified 5 tokens that are expected to perform well in March. He also gave reasons for each of his choices.

According to CryptoGlobe, Aaron Arnold, a digital currency analyst and co-founder and host of the popular YouTube channel Altcoin Daily, predicts in his new YouTube app that five Altcoins may perform well next month.

He began his list with Atrium and said he thought the price of the “King of First Layer Protocols” would rise in March.

According to Arnold, many factors have contributed to the growth of Atrium’s Tokenomic economy, including NFT and the Decentralized Finance Division (DeFi). He explained that according to Dune Analytics, the total number of active addresses in Difai has increased from the last 4.4 million to over 200% compared to last year.

Quinn’s second penis, Arnold mentioned, was Cosmas. He cited a tweet from Erik Voorhees, founder and CEO of Shapeshift, in which he said the tool was doing “great things” in the digital currency industry.

Warhiz tweeted:

The popularity of the Kazmas ecosystem is growing and this first layer protocol looks very unique among atrium replacement protocols. Kazmas is designed as a set of first-level protocols that are interactive in nature. This is Kazmas’ horizontal scalability, where each decentralized program builds its capacity and digital currencies and assets can move between different chains.

Arnold is also optimistic about Solana’s first-tier network. He says the NFT market for this ecosystem, Neon, has already attracted many traders. Among the projects launched from this market is the NFT vending machine in New York.

The fourth and fifth digital currencies introduced by Arnold are the Splinterlands and Avalanche game tokens. Explaining his choice, he noted that Splinterlands had recently signed a deal with the Warner Music Group and that Olench’s private equity funds were also facing an inflow of $ 25 million.

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