What has been the situation with data centers in Iran in recent years?

In recent years, when Fa-host has focused entirely on providing quality Iranian hosting and led thousands of large customers to use Fa-hosting Iranian quality hosting, we have always seen conversations from our customers before buying. Expressing their concern about the use of Iranian servers and data centers, what we have always heard from some customers is that we have been told that Iran does not have a suitable data center with standard terms, so now the Iranian hosting company may have good servers. Put in these data centers and provide quality Iranian hosting services!

As we will give a full description of this problem in the video above, along with serious and scientific arguments, it is worth mentioning that Iran has a data center and a private bandwidth from 15 years ago to the present day. A list of all current data has been provided to centers in Iran to date.

Is the Iranian server suitable?

After the severity of the sanctions in 1396 and the forcing all Iranian sites and applications to migrate from foreign hosts to Iranian servers, it can be said that with government and private sector investment in data center companies, we will see growth . were serious in the data center industry in Iran and the use of more modern and efficient technologies than before and gradually the situation continued to the point that now in early 1401. More than 95% of Iranian websites and more than 10,000 first Iranian sites are hosted on Iranian servers and Iranian data centers Do not include risks such as sanctions and rising currency prices and delays for Iranian consumers, because foreign hosts often have these problems.

Are Iranian data centers good?

With the tightening of sanctions against foreign hosts and the destruction of data on thousands of websites and the decline in the seriousness of foreign hosting sites, Iranian data centers are equipped with a much stronger bandwidth than in the past, to the extent that most – Reputable IT companies have purchased servers and hosting equipment in these data centers and now the website of more than 95% of Iranians is hosted in the national information network or in the same Iranian data centers.

Host Fa also began step by step in 1396 to provide state-of-the-art servers and equipment and set up its own private networks in state-of-the-art data centers such as the Milad Tower AsiaTek Data Center; And now the host of the Fa owns its own racks and private networks and is fully dedicated to the Milad Tower’s negative data center, which is against electromagnetic waves and missiles.

Location of the Asia Tak Iran data center

With investments made in the data center sector in Iran and companies such as Fa host, which equip their servers and networks in the data center every day for more than 5 years and always with hardware and software updates, they offer more speed and stability for their users than in the past. It can be said that currently hosting Iranian websites and stores on Iranian servers and hosts with quality and private resources is the best possible option. It has recently started providing its cloud servers to customers that these types of services with the highest quality and speed and the latest generation of hosting equipment and the use of clustered cloud resources can provide maximum speed and stability to these businesses. Online jobs that want to compete without interruption in online sales and SEO, this is a private hosting service with a strong infrastructure that fully meets the needs of the customer’s website to provide the highest configured feedback and supported cloud users server 24 The clock is hosted by the specialized team of Fa.

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What has been the situation with data centers in Iran in recent years? It first appeared in the host’s knowledge base.

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