What is a database as a service (DBaaS) and what are its characteristics?

In recent years, cloud technology has been on the rise and is spreading around the world. Among the cloud technologies we can mention the cloud servers and hosts. But another cloud service is called a cloud database. In this article we want to talk about the database, cloud database, its types, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.
What is a database?

First we need to get acquainted with the concept of database. The database, as its name suggests, is a place to store data.

Databases in the past

In the past, every company and office had a place called an archive where all the information about that office was stored. The person or persons were also responsible for maintaining this information. This information was sorted by special methods such as year, month, alphabet and many other methods.

But with the advancement of technology and the widespread use of computers, people have realized that paper information can be removed and all information transferred to computers. This is how databases were formed.

Specialized database definition

The database is also called by other names, such as database or database. The database is a collection of information that is categorized and organized. This data is regularly grouped into different tables, which can also act independently of each other. But they are generally connected.

Compare the database with the archive

Cloud database

Specialized review of the cloud database service

To compare a database and office archive, consider 10 years of customer information for a company that has 10 different types of products. In this case, one table contains information about product x, another about product y and …. Now each table contains information about the month, question, customer name and price. Instead of taking large volumes of files and paper, all this information is stored in the corner of a computer hardware chip.

Benefits for the database

1. Order of information

With the help of the database the information is stored in a special order, which allows to organize accurate information. In the example above, all the information about a product will be stored in a table in a certain order. In this case, for example, total sales on a monthly and annual basis will be readily available.

2. Easy access to information

Once the information is stored in the database, it will definitely take years to search for some information. For example, customers need the 15th day of the third month from ten years ago. In this case, with the help of advanced computer search, the desired information can be easily obtained by filtering the information.

Cloud database

So far, we’ve talked about the definition of a database so we know exactly what a database is and what it’s used for. But one of the most current types of databases is the cloud database. We will now define this type of database and explain its advantages and disadvantages.

Define a cloud database

This type of database is created through a cloud platform and is accessible to users. In fact, the cloud database implements many of the features of the older database, using flexibility in cloud computing. The cloud database, or DBaaS, which means database as a service, is a type of database that is provided on the Internet for a fee. The cloud database works on the infrastructure of service companies.

What is DBaaS?

What is a cloud database service and what is its use?

Host capabilities

We need a host to run many sites. The host must have two options:

1. Ability to execute the code in the programming language in which the site is written. For example, a WordPress site requires a PHP programming language, and the host must be able to read and run it.

2. To store information about a site or company, the host must be able to set up and run a database.

The need to use DBaaS

At some point, the site owner may conclude that maintaining this database service is a waste of time and energy. In addition, as the information stored in the database becomes larger and larger over time, the size of the databases will become larger. In addition, measures will be needed to increase the productivity of the database service and it will be difficult for the site owner to maintain it. Knowledge, time, energy and costs are required to manage, organize and maintain this large database.

To solve these problems, some people spend money and time trying to learn this knowledge and gain the necessary experience to maintain and set up a specialized database service. But an easier way is to use DBaas.

What does DBaaS mean?

DBaaS means database as a service. Some people can spend time and money turning their regular host into a host that has the ability to perform a database service. But this method can have its risks. Because they do not have enough knowledge and experience to maintain this database.

To this end, Internet and cloud services companies are ready to provide services for a fee. In this way, a series of databases installed and prepared by the company can be rented by the user of the site. Just rent and run the database file. Another way is to start with the raw database and connect it to your service.

This allows the provider to maintain large databases, which is not an easy task. The provider will also be responsible for the operation of large databases and their organization. In this case, the DBaaS provider is the one who organizes the performance to get the best return for you and your site.

Advantages of the cloud database

The cloud database has many advantages for using cloud technology and is provided by companies that we will discuss.

How to store large databases

Why use a cloud database?

1. Easy to use by users

The cloud database allows the user to access the information from the database 24 hours a day, without the need to provide various hardware and software.

2. Easy and fast access

Access to this type of database is via the Internet. Therefore, the user can access his information at any time and with any device that connects to the Internet.

3. Maintenance of old databases

Supports relational databases such as MySQL and NoSQL databases such as Mongo and Apache couch.

4. Reduce human error

ISPs and cloud service providers use automation for their best configuration and security settings, which significantly reduces human error when the service is available.

5. Endless resources

Due to the cloud scalability of this database, the possibility of replenishing resources has been eliminated. In this way, very large amounts of information and data can be stored in this type of database without any restrictions.

6. Maintenance and archiving

Because DBaaS is provided by companies, these companies are responsible for archiving and archiving data. Also, the operation of large databases and their organization will be the responsibility of the provider company.

7. Information security

Because business information is so important to site owners, DBaaS service providers have a responsibility to protect the information.

8. Cost efficiency

For large services; The cost of DBaaS will be more advantageous than converting a normal host to a database-capable host. There are also concerns about technical issues and data protection. In fact, the best settings are made on DBaaS, which you can use by paying rent.

Criteria for choosing the best DBaaS

What are the features of the best cloud database?

How to choose the best DBaaS? What are the criteria for purchasing the best cloud database?

1 Appropriate resources

To choose the right cloud database, you need to choose the best plan according to the amount of resources you need. Cloud databases with different amounts of RAM, processor and space are divided into different plans that can be hired by cloud service companies.

2. Appropriate services

Service providers offer different services depending on the amount they receive. Services such as regular data backup, data security and. Some of the things to keep in mind.

3. Costs

Before you buy the desired DBaaS, the price must be estimated. A simple internet search can compare the amount of DBaaS rent received from different companies and choose the best option.

4. Change the service

When choosing a cloud database service, it is important to note that if we do not intend to stop receiving services from the company at any time, will it want to back up our data or keep it as a promise to continue with it? Lets be.

Summary of what has been said

In this text we said that the database makes the information organized and easily accessible. But over time, as information grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage large amounts of information. For this reason, ISPs offer a variety of services to the user, including a ready-made database, data maintenance and security, to reduce public concern about pay. These services and this type of database are called DBaas.

Among the advantages of DBaaS are the use of different plans according to the amount of different resources, profitability, no worries about data retention, maintenance and appropriate performance from the provider.

last word

With that in mind, when buying DBaaS, you need to consider cost, resources, support, information security, DBaaS support in the programming language in which your site is written, and more. In this case, you can have the best choice in the cloud database.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does DBaaS mean?

DBaaS means database as a service, which means that ISPs provide the database as a service and provide services and support from these companies.

2. Is DBaaS expensive?

Converting a typical host to a database-enabled host is expensive, and organizing and managing large amounts of information requires experience. Given these points and difficulties, hiring DBaaS will be much easier and more cost-effective.

3. How does DBaaS leasing ensure our information security?

Because a company provides services and the company has experts in this field, it also provides security for your database. In addition, it is not possible to lose your data with regular backup.

4. What is the difference between old databases and cloud databases?

Older databases had limited resources, while cloud databases had extensive and extensible resources. Also in the old databases, the owner of the site had the task of maintaining and maintaining the information. But in the DBaaS service, these tasks and many other services are performed by the service provider.

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“text”: “عبارت DBaaS مخفف عبارت Database as a service می‌باشد که به این معنی است که شرکت‌های ارائه دهنده خدمات اینترنتی دیتابیس را به عنوان سرویس ارائه می‌دهند و خدمات و پشتیبانی‌هایی توسط این شرکت‌ها انجام می‌شود.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “آیا DBaaS گران است؟”,
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“text”: “تبدیل یک هاست معمولی به هاستی با قابلیت اجرای دیتابیس، هزینه بر می‌باشد، و از طرفی دیگر سازماندهی و مدیریت حجم بزرگی از اطلاعات نیازمند تخصص می‌باشد. با توجه به این نکات و سختی‌ها، اجاره یک DBaaS بسیار راحت تر و مقرون به صرفه تر خواهد بود.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “با اجاره DBaaS چگونه امنیت اطلاعات ما تامین می‌شود؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “با توجه به اینکه یک شرکت خدمات را ارائه می‌دهد، و این شرکت دارای افراد متخصص در این زمینه می‌باشد، تدارکات امنیتی دیتابیس شما را نیز فراهم می‌کند. همچنین با استفاده از بکاپ‌گیری منظم، امکان از بین رفتن اطلاعات شما وجود ندارد.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “تفاوت دیتابیس‌های قدیمی و دیتابیس‌های ابری چیست؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “دیتابیس‌های قدیمی دارای منابع محدود بودند، در حالیکه دیتابیس‌های ابری منابع گسترده و قابل تمدید دارند. همچنین، در دیتابیس‌های قدیمی دارنده سایت خودش وظیفه پشتیبانی و حفظ و نگهداری اطلاعات را داشت. اما در سرویس DBaaS این وظایف و بسیاری خدمات دیگر توسط ارائه دهنده سرویس انجام می‌شود.”

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