What is a gateway server? Gate Server Buying Guide

What is a lip gate server? Assume that part of the website crashes or errors while updating or executing code by team members. How can you find out the cause of this glitch? If the site code is lost while working on a project and executing code, how can you recover it? Gatlab maintains all the steps of the project, saving the step-by-step actions of the team members, so that in case of any problem, troubleshooting from the previous steps can be performed and the error can be eliminated.

The Gateway server is one of the servers used by most project managers and development managers today. This server ensures that all projects are well managed and there is no interference or problems between members and projects. We intend to provide you with a detailed description of this server below.

What is a lip gate?

Gate is a version control software, or Persian, version control, written by a man named Linus Travalds. Gate was originally written for Linux development, but a few years later the software was expanded and is now used for various other tasks and types of operating systems.

When several people and authors are working on a project, they use copy management software, the most famous of which is called Gate. Linus Trowalds originally wrote the software for himself and his colleagues to use to develop the Linux kernel.

It should be noted that the gate is open source and free. Today, some sites, such as Pars Pack, allow you to set up a server port that you can use to create storage and upload and upload to it.

  Tutorial for setting up a Git server

GateLab presentation and Gate Server setup training

What is a lip gate server?

You will face challenges when you plan to set up a gateway server and have a set of web-based features. One of the most popular providers of web hosting servers is called GateHub. The provider is now owned by Microsoft, the world’s largest computer company.

In GateHub, you can create a repository or repository and upload and work on a website or application. This server provides a series of web functions and a series of functions of the CLI (command line interface).

It should be noted that Bitbucket is another web hosting provider and competitor to Atlasian-owned GateHub and GateLab.

But some people for various reasons are not interested in using GateHub and BitBacket and use the GateLeb server. This server is another competitor to GateHub, which is very popular among administrators and developers.

Unfortunately, in Iran, most companies working with GateLab and GateHub servers faced the issue of sanctions and all their repositories and related information were completely closed.

What are the benefits of setting up a Linux server gateway?

The lip gate server is open source. This means that you can get the code for this service and place it on your server so that you can personally have an Iranian or foreign gateway service for yourself. This is due to the great importance of some codes, that people do not want this important code to be placed on a secondary site and want to have this code on their personal server.

In this case, you can create a Linux server and install Gateway on it. Then you can have your own personal gateway server that will be completely secure.

One of the advantages of this is that you know that this code will not be shared with anyone but you and is on your own server. Another advantage is that you know that there will be no penalties and you will always have access to your Linux server.

If the gateway and gateway sites are filtered, your gateway server will not be filtered, which is another important advantage when setting up a Linux git server.

    Configure the server port

How do I install Gateway on a Linux server?

Features and capabilities of the GateLab server

Here are some features and benefits of using Git Lab Server.

Create unlimited tanks

People who use Gate Server Gate can easily create many repositories without restrictions. Of course, this server has an Enterprise version, which is available for an additional fee, and you can use more of its features and benefits (compared to the regular version).

It should be noted that the Enterprise version is also faster in terms of speed and performance and will certainly make your work easier to manage and use.

Open source lip gate

As mentioned, one of the great features of Gateway is that it is open source that you can run on your Linux server. Being an open source gateway allows the code to be provided to you and you can have your code and data on your personal server.

Ability to troubleshoot online

You can use GateLab to identify all project problems and then act online to resolve them. This will increase the speed and accuracy of the work, which is very important.

Synchronization and increase coordination between teams

Another advantage of using a gateway server is that you can use it to increase coordination between your team members. When coordination is increased and everything is done regularly, the speed of work will increase and the project will be completed with better quality.

Buy Gate Server

Guide to setting up a server port and purchasing a server port and port hub

Lip Gate Server Buying Guide

To purchase a Gatebab server and other servers, you need to pay attention to a series of single points. Below we will tell you these points so you can choose and buy the best server you want.


When purchasing any server, including GitLab and GitHub, high server security and vendor warranty will come first and take precedence. In general, a server that does not have high security will not be suitable for purchase; Because you may have important information on your server and due to the low security of that server, all your information will be lost or passed on to someone else.

Pars Pack, as one of the best hosts and servers in Iran, guarantees the security of all provided hosts and servers.

Price and price of the gate server

As mentioned, the GateLab server is open source and free; This eliminates the need for maintenance costs. But in general, the purchase price of a GateLab server varies depending on the services it offers and its features. Keep in mind, however, that some providers charge more than others for better, long-term maintenance.

Consider the cost-effectiveness of the GateLab server. Some servers have a higher cost without providing special services to the user and have special features. This will increase your costs.


To buy a git server, you need to pay attention to its quality. The quality of this server will determine the quality of your project management. If it is not of a high level of quality, you will undoubtedly have problems in project management.

Whenever you feel that the provider’s gateway server is not of high quality, be sure to change this plan and even the provider and use another hosting. As you know, all hosts and servers in the Pars Pack are of high quality and the quality of services will undoubtedly increase every day.

Lip Gate server speed

Speed ​​will be one of the main factors when buying a server. You need to check the speed of the lip gate server you want and if you are not satisfied enough, switch to other options. GateLab server speed has a direct impact on project management and, of course, what you do.

The last word

The GateLab server has features that can undoubtedly improve the quality of your project management. If you use this project management server, there will be no interference between the work of project members and coordination will increase. Be sure to pay attention to features such as security, price, quality and speed to purchase a gateway server.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a lip gate server?

The Gitlab server is used to host your Git repository. These servers help you maintain the primary server for hosting your customers’ information. This way you will have complete control over your code base.

2. Can the gate be controlled locally?

GitLab allows you to host Git repositories on site. This allows access to it via your local LAN (with public IP) outside your company.

3. Can the gateway be installed on a Windows server?

To install and run GitLab on Windows, you need Git, which you can download from its official website. You will need a password for your account to run it under your account.

4. Is the lip gate better than the gate hub?

GitHub has higher access and is more focused on infrastructure performance. GitLab, on the other hand, relies more on the principles of providing features and functions by centralizing and integrating the web developer platform.

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“text”: “سرور Gitlab برای میزبانی ریپازیتوری Git شما استفاده می شود. این سرورها کمک می ‌کنند تا سرور اصلی را برای میزبانی اطلاعات مشتریانتان حفظ کنید. بدین ترتیب شما کنترل کامل پایگاه کد خود را خواهید داشت.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “آیا می‌توان گیت لب را بصورت لوکال اجرا کرد؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “گیت لب به شما این امکان را می‌دهد که میزبان ریپازیتوری Git بصورت on-premise باشید. بدین ترتیب دسترسی به آن از طریق لوکال LAN شما (با آی‌پی عمومی) از خارج شرکت شما امکان پذیر می‌باشد.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “آیا می‌توان گیت لب را بر ویندوز نصب کرد؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “برای نصب و اجرای گیت لب بر ویندوز به Git نیاز دارید که آن را می‌توانید از وب سایت رسمی آن دانلود کنید. و باید برای اجرای آن تحت حساب کاربری به پسورد برای حساب کاربری خود نیاز خواهید داشت.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “گیت لب بهتر از گیت هاب است؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “گیت‌هاب دسترسی بالاتری داشته و بیشتر بر عملکرد زیرساختی متمرکز می‌باشد. این در حالیست که گیت‌لب بیشتر بر اصول ارئه امکانات و feature با متمرکز سازی و یکپارچه سازی پلتفرم برای web developer ها استوار است.”

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