What is a managed virtual server and what does it do?

A virtual server (VPS) is one of the options considered by website owners when companies need more than their own hosting space. Now the question is what is the reason for using a VPS? And how many types of VPS are there? The number of customers and the amount of traffic to your business can increase significantly over time.

Purchasing a virtual server will increase revenue and slow down the loading speed of the website. Virtual servers are divided into two main categories: managed and unmanaged virtual servers. In this article we will get acquainted with the characteristics of the managed virtual server and its characteristics.

What is a virtual server or VPS?

There are several servers in a virtual server that share the same server space. However, all these sections are separate. For a better understanding, consider a residential building. Suppose you have a 4-storey residential building and each floor has 3 apartments. Residents of the building use common resources such as water, stairs and elevators. Everyone has a separate life in which the number of people living, the interior space and the consumption of resources are separated from each other and live without hindrance.

According to this example, the main building of the apartment will be the main VPS server, and the units are a separate server space, which is distributed to users.

Types of virtual servers

We got acquainted with the virtual server in the previous section. Now the question is how many types of virtual servers are there? There are generally two types of VPS. These two types are managed server and unmanaged virtual server. These two types of virtual servers differ from each other in different ways and are used in different situations depending on the situation.

What is a managed virtual server?

What is a managed virtual server?

What opportunities does buying a managed VPS give us?

As the name suggests, a managed VPS is a service run by a hosting company where you don’t have to worry about server management tasks. With managed VPS hosting, the virtual server service provider performs server maintenance activities, such as kernel updates, software installations, archiving, security, and more. So as a business owner, you don’t have to worry about server management and you can invest your time and focus on further growing your business.

Whether you have technical experience or not, managed VPS hosting can be used for any type of business. So make your job easier and you can take care of your other tasks without worries.

Advantages of managed VPS hosting

Managed virtual servers offer many benefits to business owners. These advantages have made people more willing to use this virtual server than the unmanaged type. Below we will look at some of the benefits of a managed virtual server.

1. Full root access

VPS is a combination of shared hosting and a dedicated server. As a result, it provides consumers with the benefits of both together. Because your managed server is separate from other servers, you can modify it as needed with full root access.

2. Easy VPS management

Depending on the management and maintenance of your server by the service provider, you can easily focus on creating and expanding your business and brand management. Also, don’t worry about managing your virtual server, as the management will be done by the experts of the hosting company providing the virtual server.

3. Provide immediate resources

On these types of servers, server resources such as OS, RAM, and CPU are allocated as soon as your server starts. In addition, as traffic increases, you can easily change these resources to suit your needs.

4. Cost savings

Because your website’s backend is maintained by your web hosting provider, you do not need to hire a technical manager to manage your website. Although a managed VPS may seem expensive at first, when you calculate it by paying for management costs, managing a virtual server will be cost-effective and buying it will save you money.

5. Provide more security

Website security is very important. When hosting a managed virtual server, even if all websites have the same physical space, IP addresses are unique to each server. This will increase the security of these servers.

Easy to use with a managed virtual server

If you are a growing business that aims to increase the number of customers and incoming traffic, you should implicitly spend your resources and time planning marketing and development activities to better attract your customers. At such times, choosing a managed VPS hosting would be a wise decision. Purchasing a managed virtual server allows you to focus on the business aspect while the service provider takes care of the technical aspects of managing your business website.

Managed virtual server for organizations

Why do businesses and large sites need a managed VPS?

Services provided on managed virtual servers

Some people believe that server support and software updates are enough to call a VPS service “managed”. Others insist that security checks and the removal of malware be part of the service.

There is only one way to ensure management and satisfaction of the VPS server. To be strong, you need to be familiar with the features and services provided on managed virtual servers and know all the services provided.

  • What is the scope of the support team?
  • How can you contact them?
  • Will support be provided continuously and around the clock?
  • Who is responsible for installing and updating the software?

Above are all the questions you need to answer from your provider before purchasing a managed virtual server.

Default managed virtual server functions

By default, the most commonly managed VPS services include the following:

  • Installing the necessary software infrastructure
  • Remove old inactive software and constantly update software and operating systems
  • Detect vulnerabilities in software to prevent malfunctions
  • Provide code updates to resolve potential issues
  • Implementation of SIEM tools
  • Penetration tests and security and vulnerability assessments
  • Encryption of important data
  • Development and communication of anti-virus laws
  • Activate the firewall to prevent unauthorized traffic
  • Develop password policies to have strong and secure passwords

How to buy a managed VPS?

Buy a managed virtual server

What should we consider when choosing and purchasing a managed VPS?

To find a managed virtual server, you need to pay attention to the tips to have a server with proper support and without worries. There are factors in addition to the cost of the service that are particularly important:

1. Characteristics

Review the list of features of each service and see which ones best suit your goals. Analyze other services. Many times there are needs in the future that you may not have considered now.

2. Resources and scalability

Start with RAM and CPU, because they are the most important components that determine the technical specifications of your VPS. Make sure you have enough storage space and a monthly bandwidth. The use of SSDs is highly recommended.

Make sure you have room to grow. Check if it is possible to add resources if necessary.

3. Efficiency

Before choosing a service, check the speed of the managed VPS with the available tools. Uptime also needs to be checked. Of course, this is a little more complicated because you need more time to study it. However, you can always ask people who have already purchased the service you are looking for and read user reviews.

4. Easy to use

If you are using a managed VPS for the first time or do not have the technical know-how to use it, the ease of use of the service will be especially important. Some hosting companies allow you to test the user interface.

5. Support

This is often the most important factor when choosing a managed virtual server. Each provider can have round-the-clock support. But it remains to be seen whether the maintenance will be of good quality and in accordance with the claims. It is better to consult with people who have had experience in buying the service you are considering.

Restrictions on a managed virtual server

Like all such hosting services and technologies, managed VPSs have drawbacks, such as:

1. Managed VPS price

Full VPS management increases costs. You can’t expect full server support and management for free!

2. Limited customization

In these servers, the user has little control over the server. The hosting provider takes all the software and hardware decisions and controls the time to install the software and hardware.

3. Time

If you want to install specific hardware or software, you must ask the server administrator. Although they usually respond quickly to these requests, they will take longer than you would like to install. Of course, if you have the necessary knowledge about it!

last word

Managed virtual server; VPS technology allows a physical machine to run multiple virtual operating systems simultaneously. In fact, there is a physical server running multiple operating systems. The managed virtual server is connected to various VPSs, which are managed by the experts of the provider company. Therefore, the company is responsible for providing security, troubleshooting and updates. Management VPS is a good choice for people who do not have the necessary knowledge to maintain and manage it.

On the other hand, it significantly reduces costs. But this is not a good option for organizations that need more control over the settings and resources of their virtual server. Therefore, before you buy, be sure to make an internal needs assessment. For a professional and free consultation in this field, Parsupak specialists are ready to answer every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a managed virtual server?

Managed virtual servers are the same as regular virtual servers, except that all management and security services on these servers are the responsibility of the provider company and you will not need to take the time to do so.

2. What is the difference between a managed and an unmanaged VPS?

Unmanaged services are often more cost-effective and give you much more control over the environment, but you are solely responsible for managing your server. The managed virtual server is provided with specialized support and full management to keep your VPS running smoothly, so you don’t have to spend time managing the server.

3. What are the important points when buying a managed virtual server?

Depending on the amount of support, resources provided, pricing and … There are some things to keep in mind before purchasing a managed virtual server.

4. What services are provided on virtual servers?

The level of service will vary depending on the service and the company that provides it. In general, services such as software installation and maintenance, security review and maintenance, and additional services specific to each company, such as archiving, are the services that companies provide.

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