What is a popular host and how does it differ from a regular host?

As the name suggests, this is a high-traffic host for high-traffic sites. In this article we will give you an explanation of these hosts and a purchase guide.

Who are the most visited hosts?

These hosts are used when your site has a lot of traffic and you want to use special resources. In this case, you need to go buy these hosts and use them.

Keep in mind, however, that using it because it is more expensive than regular hosting will not be a good choice at the beginning of the site. In fact, as traffic and site traffic increase, regular plans for your site will no longer work and you need to quickly replace them with powerful hosts.

Using high traffic hosting can increase the quality of your site and increase its speed. Since the speed of the site is one of the main SEO factors, it can be said that buying the right host is very important. Use regular plans and limited resources, which can hardly accept the large amount of traffic to your site; Not only will it reach your site faster, but it will also reduce traffic and traffic to your site.

These sites are commonly used by download sites, magazine sites, and generally high daily traffic sites. Because these sites use more RAM and CPU than expected and require a dedicated server.

Servers that provide shared resources can in no way create the desired status for such sites. If you own one of these sites, we suggest you use the most visited hosting.

Professional hotspots

The important role of high-traffic hosts in the professional hosting of high-traffic sites

Advantages of buying popular hosts

In general, high-traffic hosts have many advantages. Below we want to introduce you to some of the most important advantages of these hosts.

1. Increase the speed of the site

The main advantage of using these hosts is to increase the loading speed of the site pages. As mentioned, the most visited hosting resources will fully meet the needs of your site. Therefore, the speed of the site will increase.

The speed of the site is very effective and important for attracting and of course maintaining traffic and visits. If your site loads poorly, you will not be able to keep visitors and traffic to your site. As a result, you will experience a drop in Google page rank.

2. High security

If you are concerned about the security of your site, you can easily provide it with high traffic hosting. Security is also one of the factors that must be in good condition.

If the security of your site is compromised by malware and malware, you can lose much of your traffic and traffic. In general, we must say that the security of high-traffic hosts is higher than the usual hosts used by most sites. For this reason, you can purchase and use these hosts with a few arrows and improve many factors on your site.

3. More resources

As mentioned, more resources will be available to you on the most visited hosts. Getting more resources can be another benefit of using high traffic hosting.

The availability of more resources directly affects the speed and overall quality of the site and its impact cannot be ignored. For the most visited sites there will be no more important problems than the availability of the necessary resources.

Website optimization is related to the amount of resources both in terms of speed and security. In fact, the more resources you have, the better the pages of your site will load and you can satisfy the user.

As your host’s bandwidth increases and resources increase, you will no doubt have a more painless process to manage your site. Keep in mind that the more traffic your site has, the more bandwidth you will need.

4. Reduce CPU pressure

Another advantage of high-bandwidth hosting is that less pressure is applied to the CPU. In fact, the more traffic and traffic a site receives, the more pressure it will put on the CPU.

If you use these hosts, the least possible pressure will be applied to the CPU, and you may eventually have better control to maximize the hardware performance of the hosts.

In general, because high- or high-traffic hosting sites are designed and configured for high-traffic sites, they will be the best choice for hosting high-traffic sites.

Buy popular hosts

Why buy popular hosts? What are the benefits of popular hosting?

A guide to buying popular hosts

In general, to buy all hosts, including high-traffic hosts, you need to pay attention to a series of points, the most important of which we will present below.

1. The amount of resources required

To purchase a host, you need to consider the amount of resources you need. High traffic hosting plans will save you resources, but you still need to consider size and hardware models.

If your site traffic is very high, you need to use more powerful hosting plans. Of course, the weaker plans of these hosts may also be responsible for hosting your visitors. Consult Parsupak experts to find out the exact amount of resources needed.

2. Control panel

The host control panel is very important. In recent years, many hosts have used the cPanel control panel, which is very popular. This control panel will be easier to operate than other control panels.

Direct Admin is another control panel that some hosting companies use. If the control panel you want is one of these two options, you probably won’t have a problem working with it and managing resources in it.

But keep in mind that Sipanel is not licensed in Iran and the available versions are not licensed. As a result, Direct Admin may be a better choice in some cases. Of course, these two panels will be suitable for you if you intend to use Linux hosting.

3. Uptime

The amount of operating time of the most visited hosts is also very important. The operating time of your host will show the availability of the site during the day and night. If your working time is not at a high level, you will not be able to attract enough traffic.

4. Archiving

Archiving is a very important issue in maintaining the information and data you need. It is preferable to back up daily so that you have all the necessary information (up to date).

If data is accidentally lost, you can back it up to get back the information you need.

Buy popular hosts

What are the important points when buying popular hosts?

5. Support

The support of high traffic hosting companies should always be available to guide you through all the problems you may have. Pars Pack is always ready to answer your problems thanks to its strong support team. In this way, you can take the necessary measures to solve the problems as quickly as possible.

last word

Most visited hosts; Since choosing and buying high-traffic hosts is a very important and vital process for high-traffic sites, we recommend that you do not rush to buy at all. Try to carefully consider all possible plans to make the best choice.

Hosts that provide you with more resources will be the best choice for hosting your site with high traffic. Most popular hosts have high bandwidth plans. But don’t underestimate the importance of bandwidth from smaller sources. Before you buy any hosting service, be sure to consult with Parsupak consultants to choose the best plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a popular host?

Hosting is the most visited hosting service, allocating more resources to hosting sites with higher traffic.

2. What is the difference between popular hosting and shared hosting?

High-traffic hosting is structurally and managerially very similar to shared hosting; The difference is that it can provide you with more resources. This means that there are fewer neighbors for your hosts.

3. What businesses are suitable for high traffic hosting?

High-traffic hosts are suitable for websites and web applications that are increasing and the number of visitors is increasing. Also, its benefits for various businesses include its management by the supplier company.

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