What is a special WordPress host and what websites is it suitable for?

What is a special WordPress host? If you run your own WordPress website, you’ve probably heard of dedicated WordPress hosting. If you are unfamiliar with it, you may be thinking of better hosting for your website; So stay with us until the end of the article so you can choose the best option. In this article we will take a closer look at specialized WordPress hosting and talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this type of service.

First of all, it is good to know that the power of WordPress websites in the world is more than 35%; So this popular content management system needs to be considered in more detail. This popularity may be due to the flexibility of WordPress, ease of use, countless features and more. However, you cannot guarantee the success of your website just by using WordPress and you need to consider other factors such as web design, content, SEO, security and web hosting.

Introduction to specialized WordPress hosting

If you want to host a WordPress website, you have several options. For example, shared hosting is a cost-effective and popular choice. However, some users prefer a virtual dedicated server (VPS), which is a bit more expensive. When you use a VPS, you are actually renting part of a physical server.

With shared hosting, you literally share resources with other accounts and have limited control over your hosting settings. VPS partially solves this problem by providing its resources through a virtual partition; But you still do not have access to the core server infrastructure. However, this is not your only choice and you have another option and you can choose a powerful and privileged solution, such as dedicated WordPress hosting.

What is a special WordPress host?

Why should we buy special WordPress hosting?

What is a special WordPress host?

When you select this service, the entire physical server is reserved for your WordPress website; So you no longer need storage space to share. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. In this case, your privacy is protected and you have resources that are designed solely for your needs.

It is worth noting that the facilities you receive will vary depending on the service provider. However, most companies that offer these services have one thing in common, and that is that they are relatively expensive. In general, the cost of sharing shared hosts is lower than that of specialized hosts. Of course, you should not forget that the maintenance of all hardware costs a lot of money and some monthly costs can increase.

Explore the types of hosting services

To better understand this, let’s look at other types of hosts.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the exact opposite of WordPress’s own hosting. In short, shared hosting hosts multiple websites on a single server, and each website shares its resources, including RAM and CPU. This hosting service is much cheaper for beginner websites without the need for special resources compared to other hosts. So, if you still do not need the resources and benefits of specialized hosting, you do not need to spend much. Needless to say, sharing a server similar to other websites has many drawbacks. One downside is that increasing the use of resources from other websites can slow down your website.

VPS virtual server

VPS (virtual dedicated server) hosting is closer to dedicated hosting and provides an environment that resembles a dedicated server; However, you will share the physical server with other websites. Think of VPS hosting as renting an apartment in a building instead of renting a room in a common area. You have your own kitchen and bathroom; But you will still be in a common building, you will have more space, you will have all the resources at your disposal and you will have more control and flexibility. However, your passage is shared with the other occupants of the building.

Buy all types of specialized WordPress hosting

What are the types of specialized WordPress hosting and what are the benefits of purchasing this service for us?

Advantages of buying special WordPress hosting

Dedicated WordPress hosting is more expensive than other shared options; So what do you think are the benefits of such a price? It is best to check if the following benefits are important to you.

1 WordPress host protection

Dedicated WordPress hosting provides more security; Because no one but you has access to it and you make sure you have full control over the physical access to the device. Another important point is that it is easier to follow HIPAA and PCI. Plus, you don’t risk sharing the same space with malicious websites and other malicious websites. Other shared host websites may not be very secure, which puts your website at risk. It should also be noted that your dedicated host is separate from the services of the host company; Because hosting companies also have a separate data protection center for specialized hosts.

2. Specialized resources for WordPress hosting

As we said earlier, you don’t need to share your resources with dedicated WordPress hosts; Because you get the full resources of the host and you don’t have to worry about other websites using CPU and RAM. If you use shared hosting, some other things can reduce the quality and performance of your website without any errors. For example, another website may run bad scripts or use too much bandwidth. If you need more resources, you can easily take advantage of them so that your website continues to work satisfactorily even during peak hours.

3. Reliability

Hardware is also less likely to fail on special hosts. Data centers have high power support so that servers can continue to run in the event of a power outage. They use different sources to calculate possible power outages. It’s also up to you when you want to maintain your website. WordPress’s own hosting time is out of control; But with shared hosting, support is not an option.

4. Customization

With dedicated hosting, you can always manage system settings to suit your needs and customize CPU, RAM, and storage to suit your needs. You can also download the necessary software; While you are on shared hosting, this is not easy and limits you in doing things. Another point is that you have access to root or Administrator; Therefore, you can fully control the software and hardware and all the activities of the hosts.

5. Scalability

Using the scalability feature, you can configure resources to suit your needs. As your business and website grow, you will probably need more resources to run smoothly.

Do you really need to buy special WordPress hosting?

As mentioned earlier, dedicated WordPress hosting is not for everyone; That’s why we recommend that you consider the pros and cons before making a decision. Most benefits can be summed up in one word: strength. Dedicated WordPress hosting offers the best method of security and gives you a huge amount of storage space and puts a little limit on the traffic to your website.

It should be noted that depending on the type of dedicated hosting you choose, the hardware and software you are considering may have different powers in managing your data and traffic. In contrast, the main weakness of specialized hosts is the price. As we said, you will probably have to pay a lot of money for this type of host. Dedicated hosts are divided into two general categories:

1 Unmanaged Dedicated Hosts

Unmanaged dedicated hosting provides full access to the host and helps you customize it to your liking. This gives you complete control over the way your website is hosted; But to manage on your own, you need a lot of time and technical knowledge.

2. Specialized hosting

With this type of dedicated hosting you can still choose how to set up your own hosting. Importantly, although dedicated hosting is a portable service, the provider will perform tasks such as optimizing, updating, archiving, and scanning for security.

Most specialized WordPress web hosts offer managed services that make your job much easier. Therefore, you can implement the settings you need without the slightest knowledge of the hosts. Some companies will fully support WordPress errors even when troubleshooting; As a result, you can always enjoy the support of an expert team.

Final recommendation

We discussed specialized WordPress hosting and its features and benefits in this article. We recommend that you choose and provide hosting services depending on your needs and budget.

For some reason, dedicated WordPress hosting is the right solution for you. for example:

  1. If you are implementing a website with a lot of traffic.
  2. Using dedicated WordPress hosting is essential to prevent corruption.
  3. A great e-commerce website may have enough money to justify the extra cost of dedicated hosting.
  4. If your website manages sensitive information for users, it needs maximum security features.

Finally, we recommend that you consider your needs and budget before purchasing hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a special WordPress host?

A dedicated host that is optimized for hosting a WordPress website is called a dedicated WordPress host.

2. What hosting services are there for WordPress?

Shared hosting, cloud hosting, virtual server and dedicated server can be optimized for WordPress hosting.

3. Which hosts are better for WordPress?

Depending on the amount and type of content and traffic you have, there are many types of hosting services that you can offer.

4. What is the difference between VPS and dedicated WordPress hosting?

If cloud hosting and shared hosting (VPS) are not the best options for hosting your website, a virtual server will definitely be your next best choice; But when a VPS doesn’t suit your needs, you can use dedicated WordPress hosting. Dedicated hosting brings you the highest security and the best quality hosting for the highest price.

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