What is a store maker? How to build an online store?

What is a carpet manufacturer? Many people today are interested in having an online store and making money from it. To design an online store easily and quickly, you need to use a reputable store builder.

Creating an online store without the use of tool stores requires a variety of knowledge that no one or even a small team will be able to handle. In this article we will introduce you to the complete store builder and, of course, how to build an online store.

What is a store maker?

Store Builder is a tool on which all the work related to building an online store is performed. These tools and software are called e-commerce and have helped store owners a lot in recent years.

Some people do not want to spend a fortune in an online store. They may not even have a large team to build the store. But they can easily build their own store for a fee.

It should be noted that some store builders are not of high quality and the purchase of their subscription will not have any results, except for additional payment. Be very careful when choosing your store builder and choose the best and reputable ones. Below we present some of the most reputable online tool stores.

Types of tool shops

There are many tool shops in the world, which are usually divided into two categories: open source (open source) and open source, for which we will give you more details about these two types below.

1. Open source structure store

Free open source store builder

See the types of free constructors of open source stores

Open source stores have more features than open source stores and will be more convenient to use. These tools that help you build an online store are open source.

Being open source or open source allows you to have your own store code and make changes to it. Even the equipment in these tool shops is more than other types and for this reason consumers are better welcome in open source tool shops.

You can use this type of store builder to modify your store’s scripts and add the necessary features to it.

From the most famous open source tool shop I can He pointed to Magento. Of course, the most famous and most widely used designer of open source stores is called WooCommerce.

OpenCard is another open source store builder in the world that has not been developed recently and will not receive much attention. For this reason, using it may not provide you with many features or its features may not be up to date.

WooCommerce is a plugin to the WordPress content management system (WordPress) and provides many features. The flexibility of this system allows you to have many options for managing your online store.

In general, the most popular and best online store building system is WooCommerce, which can be used with the help of the WordPress content management system.
If you are planning to build an online store, we suggest using WooCommerce.

If you plan to use WooCommerce to build your online store, be sure to use a template that is compatible with WooCommerce and its features. Otherwise, you may face problems and challenges.

WooCommerce or other store builders ?!

There are many benefits to using an open source store builder. For example, you can have more features by installing various plugins and easily manage your online store.

If you need more plugins or plugins to manage and build your online store, it is best to use WooCommerce. Plugins available for Magento Store or OpenCard are much more limited than plugins available for WooCommerce.

Cheap constructor of WooCommerce Store

Why is WooCommerce the best store to choose from?

2. Open source tool shop

This type of store builder does not allow you to access your store code. In fact, you can’t get your store code and set it up on your host.

Open source tool stores only allow you to become a member of them and improve your store with the tools and equipment they provide.

The most popular and best open source tool stores are WIX and Shapifa. One of the great advantages of these two store makers over most other store builders is that they are white labeled.

The white label of these two store builders makes your store space look like you did it yourself. This means that users will not be shown what store building services you use and your online store will look almost independent.

To use the services of these systems, you must pay a fee. The price will vary depending on the type of equipment you receive. Iranian open source tool stores, such as WIX and Shapifai, are called Sazito and shopping carts, which are among the well-known tools and systems for building online stores in Iran, and you can easily take advantage of their services.

Keep in mind that with this type of store builder, all components of building a store, including the server, will be available on the system itself and you will be provided with only one dashboard for your store.

Disadvantages of using a designer of open source stores

The main problem that prevents some people from using services to build non-open source stores is that the store code will be available to the system and its server. With this in mind, you can no longer add features to your online store and must follow the decisions of the store creator.

Another disadvantage of using this type of store builder is that you cannot easily transfer your store from one system to another. For example, to move your store from Shapifa to WIX, you have to go through a very complex and difficult process.

With this type of store builder, the bigger and wider your online store gets, the higher the maintenance costs will be and you will have to pay more to subscribe to the open source store creation system.

Advantages of Open Source Store Builder

Of course, in addition to the disadvantages of using this type of store designer, we can mention its advantages. The fact that you don’t have to worry about coding and, of course, maintaining your store’s server can be considered one of the benefits of using an open source store builder.

How to build an online store?

How to build an online store?

Learn how to build an online store with a cheap store builder

As mentioned, you can create an online store or store site using a store builder. Below we will briefly explain how to build an online store using WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin.

To create a WooCommerce store, you must first install the WordPress content management system. Then download and run the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress. You can easily increase your store using the domain and hosting you purchased.

The cost of building a store in WooCommerce will be much lower than the cost of buying a builder’s subscription. Of course, keep in mind that using the WordPress content management system and installing the WooCommerce plugin on it will be completely free, but buying hosts and domains is expensive.

last word

The creator of stores will be very economical and convenient for building an online store. For this reason, anyone (even someone unfamiliar with designing and building websites) can create their own online store.

According to all store creators, this is the best and most popular WooCommerce store builder and by easily installing WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin on it, you can easily create your online store in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a store builder?

Store Builder is a plugin or tool with which you can easily create an online store. With the help of store creators you will monitor your online shopping and subscription. You will also be provided with information about your customers and their shopping carts.

2. How many types of store builders do we have?

In general, we have two types of free creators of open source and non-open source stores.

3. Which store designer is better to use?

Depends on you; But it can be said that the creator of open source stores will have more room to maneuver.

4. How much does it cost to build an online store?

The price for building an online store varies depending on your chosen features and showcase. You can use WooCommerce to make online shopping profitable.

5. Who is the best store builder?

The best and most popular store designer at the moment is WooCommerce, which is based on the WordPress content management system.

6. How can I have an online store?

You can easily create your own online store by installing WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin on it. Of course, you must first purchase the right host and domain you want. To purchase hosts and domains, you can turn to purchase hosts and domains in the Pars Pack and purchase the plans you want.

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