What is a virtual server and what are the benefits?

Virtual Exchange Server; High-speed internet is needed to trade stocks to place the buyer’s and seller’s bid at the top of the list or at the top of the list. The speed of the internet in stock trading is so important that even a millisecond delay in it can put your position in the queue for trading 2,000 or even 4,000 places lower than competitors.

Internet for home and office has a low ping speed (sending a request to the server and receiving a response from it); The maximum speed of the home internet is 4 Mbps. Another point is that stock prices of companies in the stock market change instantly. If you can’t write fast, you’ll probably have to forget to be at the top of the line and win.

One of the best solutions to this problem is to buy a virtual server. Using these servers, you can make high-speed titles and earn a lot in the stock market, taking advantage of its many benefits. Join us to learn more about the stock market virtual server and its applications and the role of the stock market.

What is a virtual stock server?

The virtual stock server is provided to solve the problem of slow internet users in the crowded stock buying and selling market. These servers are located in data centers in the country and in other words are in the category of virtual servers in Iran. They have powerful hardware like home computers, but more powerful than those located in data centers across the country, especially in Tehran.

Virtual Exchange Server

Advantages of buying a virtual server for shares

The Exchange virtual server has high-speed Internet and is more secure and stable than home and office Internet. These servers are dedicated; For this reason, they provide you with internet speeds of less than a millisecond ping.

High speed title with virtual server

Exchange VPS are connected to the main Internet center of the country and work without restrictions and at high speed. Their user system is based on Windows and using remote desktop software, you can access high-speed Internet on these servers and be at the forefront of stock trading.

With high speed and low ping of the virtual server of the exchange, you can log in to the exchange system with your username and password and place your analysis and trading on order.

What are the benefits of a virtual stock server?

The most important advantage of stock exchange VPS can be considered high speed and low ping of stock trading resources. With this type of server you will have access to powerful hardware and high speed internet and this will be the difference between you and your competitors.

Buy a virtual server with a 10 GB port

Advantages for buying a commodity VPS with minimal ping

The mentioned servers are connected to the internet highway of the country and are located near the exchange servers. This feature made them known as “virtual stock servers”. Other benefits of these powerful servers include:

  • Ability to access stable high-speed specialized Internet
  • Use high speed internet with different hardware Linux, Windows, mobile phone and …
  • Scroll quickly and be at the forefront of stock trading
  • Permanent access to brokerage servers
  • Easy user interface and sample security
  • Ability to download and upload files without bandwidth limitation
  • Implement stock market analysis software with the best performance
  • It can be used for other purposes, including downloading movies, downloading all kinds of software and heavy files and …

What is the difference between a virtual server and other servers?

Exchange VPSs have more speed, resources, and power than other virtual servers, making them more suitable for sharing. Unlike other shared servers, these virtual servers provide all the resources to just one person and are only at the core of the shared processor. It should be noted that the resilience of resource allocation brings you many features, such as not hacking and using all server resources just for you.

The difference between a virtual stock server and other services

What is the difference between VPS Exchange and other hosting services?

Unlike regular servers that use SSDs and hard drives, using MVMe drives in standard servers gives you a lot of power and speed, and you can open and close trading software in less than a millisecond.

Is the use of exchange servers fraud in the stock market?

Definitely not; Because using these servers, you only increase the speed of the Internet to write faster. The purpose of this is to show a quick response to transactions, and this is not wrong.

How to buy the best virtual server for the stock market?

To buy a virtual stock server, most people are looking for the best type so that they can contact stock brokers as quickly as possible without interruption. By purchasing Pars Pack stock servers, you will enjoy its special facilities and 24-hour maintenance. All you have to do is select the virtual server on the exchange you want and buy it.

After registering the order, you will receive an IP and password that you can use to access the functions of these servers and use them through the remote desktop of your system. The important thing is that the use of these services is not free and to use them you have to pay a certain fee for a limited period of time.

Buy the best virtual server

How to buy the best virtual server?


The virtual stock server is the best choice for the stock market and for increasing the speed of trading and borrowing at the top of the queue. You can use the unique security and powerful resources of these servers to increase the profits and returns of your exchange transactions. These servers provide you with many opportunities compared to competitors, the effect of which is clearly obvious in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the virtual server help stock exchanges?

The virtual exchange server with minimal ping and high-speed internet puts you at the top of the trading queue.

2. How to buy a virtual server?

Pars Pack provides powerful servers with Iran’s position, which are the best choice for trading and targeting the stock market. You can go to the Pars Pack website and order Iran Virtual Server.

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