What is an IBM Dedicated Server? + Important shopping tips

IBM special server; In the 1970s, home computers were purchased as a complete case with all the hardware, along with monitors and peripherals such as mice and keyboards. Over time, the computer industry became more widespread. People were less inclined to buy ready-made computer systems and continued to determine their own hardware configuration.

For example processor, RAM, graphics card, etc. were provided separately and the hull was finally assembled. But there are still people who are not interested in customizing the computer and use ready-made bags. Servers follow almost the same path as computer systems. IBM servers are among the ready-made servers on the market with the highest quality hardware.

Introduction to IBM Dedicated Server

IBM Dedicated Servers are ready-made servers with powerful hardware on the market that come in a variety of configurations and price ranges. But its quality is such that it often surpasses custom systems.

IBM is more expensive to buy than hosting and VPS services. But at the same time it has special features and benefits for a group of users. In this article, we’ll talk about IBM servers and their features, and finally look at frequently asked questions about this concept.

Dedicated IBM server

Terms of purchase and price of IMB dedicated server

How to purchase an IBM dedicated server

A user who wants a dedicated server must provide it physically. There are two main ways to get a dedicated server: buy server parts and buy an entire brand-specific server.

1. Purchase server parts

You can buy server parts separately from the market and assemble them yourself. And then put in a grid. Of course, this method is a bit risky. Because the ability to configure and integrate hardware together and build a server is a difficult and specialized task.

2. Buy an IBM server or other brands

To solve the problem of assembly, several large IT companies around the world have launched servers. Well-known companies such as HP, Dell and IBM, known as the Lenovo brand, offer ready-made servers. This way, you can purchase and use an entire server that includes all hardware, components, and hardware such as a laptop. We will now have an overview of the different types of IBM servers available on the global and Iranian markets, and finally we will review IBM’s dedicated servers:

IBM HP brand server

HP is a big IT company and HP laptops are a must. In recent years, the company has decided to expand its services, including server sales.

As a result, it launched its products under the HPE brand, which stands for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The company’s HPE brand servers are at the forefront of Iranian and global markets.

IBM Dell brand server

Dell, better known for the company’s laptops, has launched its servers in international markets in addition to its various electronic services and equipment. With its brilliant 26-year history, the company has won second place in the global and Iranian market in terms of server sales.

Introducing IBM Dedicated Server

IBM server features and applications

What is IBM Dedicated Server?

IBM servers have a more detailed history! Join us to see this company and its servers:

History of IBM and its servers

IBM, which means International Business Machines, was first established in 1911 with the merger of several American companies and began its work in the field of information technology and computer infrastructure.

With the spread of technology and the desire of the labor market to virtual environments, this company, like other large companies in the world, began to build and sell its own servers. Then, about a few years ago, he sold his x86 servers to Lenovo. That’s why IBM’s servers are better known as Lenovo in global markets.

Known IBM servers under Lenovo

Two IBM servers, called the Lenovo X3650 and Lenovo X3500, are world-renowned in Iran. Both servers, whose M5 generation is sold under the Lenovo brand, use Intel’s Xeon series of processors.

Xenon processors have high computing power, comparable to high-configuration servers. But the main difference between the two servers is that the X3500 supports more hard drives.

Price of IBM server

There are different types of IBM servers, two of which we mentioned above. But IBM servers from Intel Xeon processors have different prices depending on the amount of RAM. The amount of RAM varies from 8 GB to 128 GB.

Depending on the amount of RAM, prices also range from about 60 million tons to 300 million tons per year (approximately 6 million tons to 30 million tons per month) rented by hosting companies. Because obtaining IBM dedicated servers costs a lot, the server applicant must properly assess the amount of resources they can afford.

For example, if a website has enough 16 GB of RAM, it does not have to pay for 128 GB of RAM.

New specialized IBM servers

As cloud technology has become so lucrative in recent days, IBM has also turned to cloud technology and high profits in recent days. Therefore, the company recently introduced two of its new Power Series servers. These two servers are available under the names Power E870c and Power E880c. These servers support cloud technology. They also follow cloud and scalability, which allows the user to perform heterogeneous and different tasks in parallel and simultaneously.

IBM’s new servers support up to 32 terabytes of RAM and are connected to the cloud service system. Cloud connectivity collects information, data analysis, artificial intelligence and many other cloud technology services.


Who is the IBM server for?

These servers are suitable for heavy workload companies due to their configuration and high cost. These companies can buy and maintain it with space management and a suitable cooling system for the rack and its room.

But on the other hand, if you don’t want to maintain and pay the associated costs, you can rent an IBM dedicated server from reputable hosting companies on a monthly or annual basis.

IBM Dedicated Server Purchase Guide

IBM servers can be used by you in three ways:

  • Buy it and store it in a convenient place in your company or home;
  • Once purchased, rent a data center stand from hosting companies to maintain your IBM server;
  • Finally, hire it from hosting companies on a monthly or annual basis;

In the first model

You should know that you will definitely need an expert workforce to maintain your hardware and software, as well as provide the right location and ventilation system. The other two models will definitely cost you less.

In the second model

You pay for the rent of the rack space. But instead, server maintenance and security are the focus of the data center and hosting company.

In the third model

You only rent IBM Dedicated Servers for a limited period of time. But in general in the last two models you definitely need to get enough information about the hosting provider, server configuration, plan duration, maintenance plan and price of the plans to finally choose the best option.

last word

IBM Dedicated Servers are servers that are configured and configured by the company. These servers are often sold today under the name Lenovo‌. IBM servers have powerful Xenon processors to process as quickly as possible. Whether you are purchased or rented, it will cost significantly more than other hosting services. For this reason, you must have good reasons to purchase IBM Dedicated Servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is an IBM server?

IBM, a large IT and computer company, has assembled all the components and hardware needed for a dedicated server for the convenience of users using a dedicated server and has offered them in different series at different prices.

2. How much does it cost to buy IBM servers?

The cost of IBM specialized servers for rent varies depending on the amount of RAM. But it ranges from about 60 million tons to 300 million tons a year.

3. Why are IBM servers better known as Lenovo on the market?

About a few years ago, IBM sold a patent for Lenovo’s x86 series servers. Therefore, IBM servers are better known as Lenovo.

4. What are IBM’s most popular servers?

IBM’s Xeon series of servers from the well-known and large company Intel are among the most popular IBM servers. Of all the Xeon series servers, two are the Lenovo X3650 and Lenovo X3500, which are plentiful on the market.

5. Is IBM a dedicated server?

IBM Dedicated Servers, one of the three well-known specialized servers under the brand, is recognized as a great option for Linux. According to a survey of its users, only about 1% of them are dissatisfied with IBM products.

6. What are IBM Power servers suitable for?

In addition to the technical and financial benefits of these servers, IBM’s Linux Power Series provides a great platform for Linux workloads.

7. What is the difference between IBM and Intel?

IBM specializes in providing cloud and cognitive computing solutions. But Intel is a big technology company in the field of microprocessors and chipsets.

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“text”: “تقریبا چند سال پیش، شرکت IBM امتیاز سرورهای سری x86 را به شرکت Lenovo فروخت. بخاطر همین قضیه، سرورهای IBM بیشتر با نام Lenovo شناخته می شود.”
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“name”: “معروف ترین سرورهای IBM کدام ها هستند؟”,
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