What is ApeCoin?

The digital currency market has recently become one of the most important money-making opportunities for investors. This field is very common and topics like Metaverse and NFT are some of the most popular parts of it. Currently, consumers are particularly attracted to incomparable tokens and the desire to buy these digital assets is seen by many investors. The yacht club Bored Ape or BAYC is one of the most famous and attractive collections for consumers and investors.

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The creators of these tokens design monkeys with a tired and boring look, and buyers can customize their most detailed features. These works of art, which many consider useless and even ridiculous, have attracted the attention of many investors. Singers and celebrities like Justin Bieber and Eminem have bought these boring monkeys for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After much fuss about Board’s incomparable tokens, now is the time for its digital currency. ApeCoin is the digital currency of Bored Monkey Rowing Club. In this article we will learn more about this digital currency and its developers and the token economy; So stay with us until the end of the article.

Come on (ApeCoin) What is?

Apple Coin is an ERC-20 standard token. Most Atrium-based tokens, which launched last year, are made using the same standard. These tokens, unlike NFT on board, Proverbs (Funsible) and each ipcoin has a value equal to the other ipcoin, and at the same time can be easily traded on any digital currency exchange.

In general, ipcoin can be considered the national currency of the ecosystem on board the ipat Club. This ecosystem is designed as a decentralized protocol for various initiatives and is supposed to be led by community members.

Most centralized exchanges indicate the digital currency of ipcoin immediately after launch. This alone was an important achievement for this newcomer; An event that added to the popularity of this digital currency.

Board ip

The popularity of this digital currency was so great that the market value of ipcoin reached about $ 2 billion in just one day. At the time of writing, each Apple Coin is valued at about $ 12, with a maximum of $ 1 billion.

Who developed IP Coin?

According to the IpCoin website and other publications in the field of digital currencies, ApeCoin DAO, or the DeCoin Decentralized Authority, is responsible for the release of the currency. Tao Ep Quinn This is a new governing body in which all ip holders on the token board are members. The purpose of establishing this body was to receive proposals from members and the opportunity to vote on them.

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Some NFT projects use a similar voting structure. For example, by purchasing NFT from a collection called Nouns, you will become a member of Nouns DAO. Nunes is an online investment group that has raised $ 62 million so far for the project. Owners of nonsense can decide in a group on a special page created to review offers what to do with the amount collected.

There is also a separate organization called the Ape Foundation, which, according to the IQ Quinn website, manages the day-to-day management of the Dao and other tasks needed to support and implement the ideas of the Ape Board community. In fact, this is the legal backbone of Dao ip Quinn.

Another commission too Board of Directors Dao will operate and monitor the proposals submitted. The original board members are five prominent digital currency investors: Alexis Ohanyan, founder of Reddit, Amy Wu, FTX’s investment division, Maaria Bajwa, Sound Ventures, Yat Siou, co-founder of Animoca Brands, and Dean Steinbeck of Horizen Labs.

These people will be board members for 6 months. Cartan Group, a Cayman Islands-based consulting firm, has to pay $ 150,000 a month to board members under a six-month contract. The Ip Quinn website has promised Daewoo members that they can also vote for future board members.

What is ApeCoin?

We mentioned that in addition to Dao ip Quinn, the Dao Foundation and its board also play a role in this ecosystem; But we know for sure that the investor community is not responsible for the development of Apple Coin. So the uncertainty here is who put it all together and developed this ecosystem?

Yuga Labs, the main company on the board, seems to be the developer of all these organizations. Yoga Labs is a Delaware-based company, and published reports show that the group is in talks with venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz to raise capital; Capital that brings the value of this company to $ 5 billion. In this way, Yoga Labs intends to become NFT’s largest monopoly company.

At the same time, Yoga Labs is responsible for all major projects and purchases on board the EPYAT Club; Therefore, if you want to do something aimed at this brand, you should go to Yoga Labs before any action.

“Yoga Labs CEO Nicole Munis said in a statement:

The company will continue to build products and experiences that bring new ideas and energy to the community.

Yoga Labs has donated a special NFT to the Dao ip Quinn treasury and intends to adopt ip Quinn as the main token for all new products and services; But the company insists it is not responsible for IP Coin!

Epcoin Symbol Economics

What is ApeCoin?

The ceiling for the supply of APE tokens is one billion units and it is not possible to deliver more tokens and according to the given mechanism this supply should never increase. In addition, the token recording process is not designed for this digital currency.

Of the 1 billion IPCoin units, 150 million are AirDrop units distributed among the various NFT IPCoin holders in the following proportions:

  • Bored monkey holders = 10,094 tokens
  • Mutant monkey holders = 2042 tokens
  • Bored Ape + Kennel Club = 10,950 tokens
  • Mutant Ape + Kennel Club holders = 2898 tokens

Another 470 million tokens will be deposited in Dao’s treasury, of which 117 million and 500 thousand units were offered at the time of commissioning, and another 7 million 343 thousand 750 units will be offered monthly for 48 months.

150 million units of this digital currency will be provided to Yoga Labs in locked form and 4 million 166 thousand 666.67 units of IP coins will be available each month. This process should take 36 months until all locked currencies are finally available to Yoga Labs.

Another 10 million IP coins donated to the Jane Goodall Charitable Foundation (Jane Goodall) Donate. These currencies are also locked and 277,777.78 units will be available for 36 months and each month.

Also, 14% of the tokens for participants and 8% of them in the form of a locked form for 12 months and each month, equivalent to 2 million 222 thousand and 222.22 units, will be available to the founders of the board ipat Club.

Buy AppQueen

Apple Coin has just entered the digital currency market and many Iranian stock exchanges have not yet registered it; So, if you want to buy EpCoin directly from Iranian exchanges, look for the phrase Buy AppQueen At Google, you can find relevant exchanges and, after registering and verifying, make a purchase directly with your bank card..

Buy EpCoin from local exchanges

What is ApeCoin?

Be careful not to fall into the trap of fraudsters when you find Iranian exchangers. Google homepage websites are usually reputable and can only offer different prices and quality of service. For example, an exchange may have more liquidity or better support than its competitors..

Be sure to check its validity before registering in a digital currency exchange. Address, phone number, exchange for us, related blogs and business history are some of the important things to keep in mind..

Buy EpCoin from exchange offices

What is ApeCoin?

If for some reason you want to buy Epcoin from foreign exchanges, you must first buy a digital currency such as Bitcoin or Tetra or Dai (DAI) from Iranian websites and then convert it to Epcoin in foreign exchanges..

Always keep in mind that the use of international exchanges is very risky for Iranian consumers and risks such as blocking accounts and many authentication problems due to sanctions always threaten the assets of Iranian consumers. If you want to use exchange offices, be sure to use your IP before entering the exchange office. VPN change it.


Without a doubt, the Bored Monkey rowing club and its tokens have become one of the most popular currencies today. Many emails already own one of these digital assets. The ipat Club board and the related NFT package have become one of the most controversial topics in the world of digital currencies in 2021 and 2022, and it seems that this fever will not go away soon.

The problem that the team that created these incomparable tokens mentioned a few months ago was to create their own digital currency (ipcoin) to enable the entire ip board ecosystem. This has been a reality for some time.

In this article, we said that Dao ip Quinn is responsible for the control and management of this digital currency and is also maintained by the ip Foundation. IPQueen owners can vote on management proposals and have access to exclusive IP ecosystem features such as games, events and services. Meanwhile, Yoga Labs, creator of the popular ipat Club board series NFT, has adopted ip Quinn as the main token for all its new products and services.

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