What is Net Testing and what is its application in the development of blockchain networks in China?

Net testing is a common term in the world of the Internet and networks, which has opened its way to the world of digital currencies. The nature of the net test is largely clear from its name. Net Test is actually a test network that is designed to maximize the core network or Mainnet. This experimental network can be seen as a kind of “digital transcript” that allows developers to test and debug.

There are usually two types of testers: one that runs before the core network and the other that runs during the core network operation. The functions provided by these two types of network tests are similar in many respects; However, the context in which test results are published has a significant impact on consumers’ perceptions of the test results and the impact they have on their target audience.

In this article, we intend to look at experimental networks and their differences from core networks, describe the applications of network testing, and look at fraud methods by testing networks and ways to avoid them. Stay with us.

What is a Net Test?

What is Net Testing and what is its application in the development of blockchain networks in China?

As mentioned in the previous section, the nature of the net test is largely clear from its name.

The test results are experimental networks that have a good effect on eliminating core network defects and providing the best possible code.

All experienced developers know that there is no such thing as “perfect code”; In this way, the test results provide a core network-like environment for developers to test their code with the least possible risk.

Chinese blockchain developers use these test networks to test their decentralized applications. Also, when a Chinese blockchain network intends to upgrade its code, it first does so in the experimental network and then presents the final result in the form of the core network.

The code written in a test note is easy to change and their coins have no value. In fact, the value of the test results is just as lacking.

The performance of the test results and the main networks are strongly interconnected and neither makes sense without the other. So to better understand the nature and function of the test results, it is not bad to look at the main networks and look at them.

What is Minnet?

Mainnet is the latest, most stable and most functional version of the Chinese blockchain available to end users. Minnet is actually an independent blockchain that has its own network and its own technology and protocols.

Unlike the test network, whose coins are useless, coins and token tokens have a unique value and are used to achieve network goals.

Therefore, it can be said that Net Testing is actually a Chinese blockchain project; While Minnet can be considered a complete and developed blockchain.

There are many steps that can be taken before starting Minnet. One of these steps is the initial public offering of the coin or ICO. The initial public offering of the coin enables the project to raise the necessary funds to continue its work and is one of the steps that can be taken before the launch of Minnet.

The most popular mines available are well-known blockchains such as Bitcoin, Atrium, IAS, Theron, Thezus and all other networks that have their own independent blockchain.

The record for the largest initial public offering in history belongs to the China IAS bloc. The initial public offering lasted a year, during which time the IAS managed to raise $ 4 billion. It is also worth noting that many of the famous miniatures we know today first began working on Atrium miniatures. The China Theron bloc is a good example of this. Theron was originally an ERC-20 token in the atrium; But in May 2018, Minetron was officially launched, and in June of that year, its tokens were transferred to the core network.

No test applications

So far in this article we have talked about the general nature of net and mainnet testing. In this section, we will briefly look at some of the applications of netnet testing and then look at the differences between basic and nettest and nettest fraud methods.

Here are some of the key applications of network testing:

  • Ability to develop in a safe environment: Using Net Test, developers can run their code in a secure and experimental environment and perform the tests and errors they want without worrying about the end result;
  • Minimize violations: Today, Chinese blockchain developers are trying to minimize challenges such as scalability and interoperability. It is also important to maintain and continuously improve the security of the blockchain. Developers do a lot of testing in this regard and launch their prototypes in the network test without disrupting the core network;
  • Ability to perform compatibility tests For decentralized applications: Any decentralized application that wants to start must go through a phase of testing and modification. New components, features and more related to these applications are being tested in Net Test. Examples of these tests include security testing, load testing, integration testing, blockchain transfer testing, and adverse event recovery.

What is the difference between Main Net and Net Test?

What is Net Testing and what is its application in the development of blockchain networks in China?

As you can see, the main difference between Minnet and NetNet is their use and purpose. However, there are other differences between the two types of networks that are worth mentioning. The differences between the core network and the experimental network can be summarized in six cases: “Target”, “Operating cost”, “Network identifier”, “Genesis block”, “Nodes” and “Addresses”.

So far in this article, we’ve talked about the different goals of Minnet and NetNet testing. With regard to transaction costs, it should be noted that since test networks are not actually tangible, the transactions that take place on these networks are also free of charge. However, making a transaction on Minnet requires payment. You must pay at least the network fee for each transaction on the core networks, including creating a smart contract or making a transaction to that contract.

One of the important differences between the main notes and the test notes is the difference between their identity. For example, the core network identifier is Atrium 1; While the identifiers of the Ropsten, Rinkeby and Kovan test networks, all three of which belong to Atrium, are 3, 4 and 42, respectively.

You know that the first block of each network is called the starting block or Genesis block of that network. It is interesting to know that the main notes and test notes have their own sex blocks and in fact their sexual blocks are different from each other.

It is also important to note that the test network and the addresses of the core network are different. For example, bitcoin core network addresses start with 1, 3 or bc1; While the addresses belonging to the experimental bitcoin network start with m or n.

Finally, in terms of the number of nodes, it is clear that test nodes have fewer nodes, and it can be said that their nodes are composed only of developers and not ordinary users.

One of the important points to mention in this section is the difference between the probes of the main network unit and the experimental network. Keynotes and test notes have their own block probes. For example, if you look at the blockchain.com blocker, you will see that it supports two separate sections, the core bitcoin network and the bitcoin test network.

What is Net Testing and what is its application in the development of blockchain networks in China?

Looking at the Bitcoin Experimental Network section, you can see that the number of transactions in this network is much higher than in the core network (2,137,662 transactions in the experimental network versus 720,477 transactions in the core network at the time of writing).

The reason for this is clear. As mentioned earlier, the transactions that take place in the test of results are free and belong to the developers. Chinese blockchain developers use test networks to test their code without having to pay a fee, and it is natural that the number of transactions registered in these networks is higher.

What is Net Test Scam?

We already know the difference between core network coins and test net coins, and test net coins are practically useless. Therefore, you should realize that network testing can be a good window for fraud. At the end of the article we will look at possible scams through the experimental network and look at ways to prevent them.

The most important thing to avoid online test fraud is to make sure you are using a portfolio that belongs to the core network. The core network wallet and the test network are also different and one network wallet cannot be used to obtain other network coins.

So stop using unknown or lesser-known portfolios and use common and well-known portfolios that you know belong to the core network.

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One way to prevent fraud is to look at the address of your wallet. For example, in the previous section we mentioned that bitcoin core network addresses start with 1, 3 or bc1, while test network addresses start with the letters m or n. Therefore, we encourage you to address this issue before sending your address to others.

Another thing we recommend you pay attention to is to do things yourself, such as making a wallet or buying digital currency. The world of digital currencies is the world of eliminating intermediaries; Therefore, consumers of these currencies must also follow this important principle. We recommend that you increase your knowledge of digital currencies as much as you can, and do not entrust the process of making a wallet and buying coins.

Finally, if you want to avoid the risk of fraud, avoid too low prices of dreams. There are websites that offer market-leading digital currencies at much lower prices than their market ones, and consumers are tempted to buy them out of greed for more profit; In return for the money they pay, they receive coins that have virtually no use or value. Remember that digital currencies are real money and no one will give them to you for free or at a low price.


In this article, we have tried to look at one of the most important parts of the development of Chinese blockchain networks, namely test networks, and take a closer look at how they work. Describing the test summary is not a difficult task. As the name suggests, test results are experimental networks that allow developers to test and debug; But these seemingly simple networks play a very important role in the successful development of a blockchain.

Perhaps one of the most tangible examples of note-taking among today’s blockchain tests is the atrium-blockchain test. Atrium has long been looking for a major upgrade and release of a new version called Atrium 2, and has used various test results for this update.

In general, the test results are an essential part of the process of developing the Chinese blockchain network and are essential for achieving the desired end result.

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