What is the price of a whmcs license and how can it be purchased?

The whmcs license is one of the types of financial automation on the market that hosting companies offer as a financial platform. This financial platform covers all financial management needs of consumers; For this reason, it is one of the few platforms that have been approved by various people and companies.

To use this platform, you must provide a license code that requires a monthly subscription fee to receive the services of hosting companies in various plans. Keep in mind that whmcs automation is not for life and you will need to get a license every month to receive its services. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the whmcs license.

What is a license?

Each piece of software has code that is used for activation and installation. This activation code, which is actually a type of license or license, is called a “license”. In addition to the license, you can also use cracked versions; But cracked versions do not have the necessary security and can cause problems with your system. In terms of operating time, licenses are divided into two groups:

  • Credit or time licenses
  • Lifetime or lifetime licenses

Credit or time licenses are codes that you can use for a certain period of time; But lifetime or lifetime licenses are codes that can always be used and do not need to be purchased or subscribed.

Note that using cracked licenses does not mean that you can use all the software features; This is because in many cases, advanced coding software companies prevent this. As a result, licenses are a more reliable and secure way to use software.

What is a whmcs license?

Web hosting companies have defined a financial platform called a complete web hosting management solution called WHMCS for short. This powerful financial platform provides a kind of financial management service for businesses.

WHMCS License Purchase Guide

Types of WHMCS licenses and their applications

Here are some of whmcs’ services that set it apart from other competitors:

  • WHMCS automation supports Persian.
  • To use automated functions, you can install different types of registers and control panels.
  • Most consumer activities are performed automatically without the need for manpower support.
  • It is possible to develop and update this platform.
  • With this automation, all purchase processes can be performed, including the ability to register an order, pay, renew an order, upgrade and send tickets.

. To be able to use this financial platform, you must pay a subscription or lifetime license to pay for it. By purchasing a whmcs license, you can always take advantage of updated versions of this platform and systematize the sales process of your business.

Introducing whmcs licensing plans

In order to customize as much as possible, this automation has developed and proposed three plans: Plan Plus, Professional Plan and Business Plan. Here are the three plans.

WHMCS price

Choosing the right WHMCS license

  • Plus plan: In this plan you can support up to 250 active customers and users. You can also use support and email support on your server.
  • Professional plan: In this plan you can have up to 500 active clients and users. It is worth mentioning that the other options on the professional plan are like Plan Plus.
  • Business plan: In this plan you can manage 500 clients and active users. In addition to taking advantage of the features of the professional plan, you can also activate the live chat feature and get access to priority support.

Tariff and price of the license whmcs

Many internal and external websites sell whmcs platform licenses at different rates. If you plan to purchase a license for this platform from local websites, it is better to find out its approximate price in the country.

  • Average price of Plan Plus: 76 thousand tons per month
  • Average cost per professional plan: 100 thousand tons per month
  • Average cost of the business plan: 160 thousand tons per month

If you want to get your license from external websites, you can purchase the platform plans for a complete web hosting management solution for the following amounts:

  • Average Plan Plus price: $ 18.95 per month
  • Average cost per professional plan: $ 29.95 per month
  • Average cost of the business plan: $ 44.95 per month

Buy a license for whmcs

How do I get a WHMCS license?

How to buy whmcs license

You can use reputable Iranian and foreign websites to purchase the license of the complete web hosting management solution of hosting companies. However, due to the price of the dollar and the astronomical monthly subscription to foreign websites, we suggest you use local licenses so that you can use the facilities you are interested in for a lower fee. Another important point is that the installation of licenses on most internal websites is free or for a very small fee.


In this article, we looked at the whmcs license, which is a platform and financial automation for using hosting companies. Finally, we explain the types of tariffs and how to purchase a whmcs license.

Please note that the rates entered are for the date of the day and are subject to change. As a result, by checking reputable internal websites, you can find the cheapest monthly subscription fee and use it for your business to minimize the financial costs of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to get a free license?

You can use cracked versions of this system; But it is not possible to get a free license.

2. Is there a persian license template for whmcs?

Yes, this system supports Persian and if you have to use this system with Persian; This option is available to you.

3. What are the possible ways to purchase a whmcs license?

You can purchase these licenses through Iranian and foreign websites.

4. Does the whmcs system work without a license?

Unfortunately, this is not possible and you can only use this system if you purchase a license.

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