What is Ubuntu? Complete introduction to applications and features

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Debian rules. ubuntu is an operating system used for cloud computing and developed according to the needs of intelligent people. This server is available for free and can also be used as a desktop operating system.

The Ubuntu server was launched on October 20, 2004 and since its launch we have witnessed the growth and development of this popular server among virtual users. The server is based on Linux and the big project will allow millions of people around the world to run machines designed with free open source software on various devices and use them for convenience.

Almost everyone in cyberspace has heard of ubuntu, but this powerful server is without a doubt one of the most popular Linux distributions. This popularity is not limited to servers, but is a great choice for Linux desktops. Ubuntu is very easy to use and also offers a good user experience. More interestingly, this smart server already has the necessary tools pre-installed so you can get started easily.

Install Ubuntu on Windows

Problem installing Ubuntu on Windows

Tutorial for installing Ubuntu 20.04 with Windows

The first step in learning Ubuntu is to install it. Installing ubuntu is just as easy as Windows, and anyone with basic computer skills can set up this server on their system. Studies show that ubuntu improves the overall desktop experience and polishes the user interface.

To install Ubuntu on Windows, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Activate POWERSHELL as an administrator in Windows 10 Now open WSL
  • Install from the WSL Store, then download ubuntu for Microsoft
  • Now run ubuntu on the system, then run ubuntu from the Start menu.
  • In this step, you need to choose a username and password for your account, after which you can easily use this powerful server.

Ubuntu application

The ubuntu server is a server operating system that has been developed over time and runs on all major metrics. Ubuntu is a server that users can use for the following and more:

  • Email server
  • Print file server
  • Deployment of containers
  • Cloud services
  • websites
  • Database server
  • ftp

The difference between Linux and Ubuntu

Buy Ubuntu Linux for a server and get acquainted with its applications

The advantage of using Ubuntu

Ubuntu, an open source operating system, was designed by open source programmers and has fans around the world. This server is compatible with any hardware or virtual platform and is designed to provide websites, share files and containers. As mentioned earlier, Ubuntu is very popular, and ubuntu is reported to be used twice as much in Amazon’s cloud services than any other operating system.

One of the main advantages of making an ubuntu server so attractive is its cost-effectiveness. Anyone can download a free copy of the latest version of the ubuntu server and install it on any number of machines if needed.

Important points for Ubuntu

The Ubuntu server not only uses the cloud, but the entire cloud. From small businesses to medium and large businesses looking for a cost-effective solution for their servers, in this case ubuntu is the ideal choice for saving business costs. According to estimates, Linux is the power of 37% of global websites Of these 37%, 35, 9% fall on ubuntu. This high percentage indicates that the site you are using may be supported by the ubuntu server.

Today, the Ubuntu Server operating system has become more popular than ever with containers and the cloud. The Ubuntu server is more efficient than you think because it is open source. This unique server, with its unique ability to serve as a corporate internal server or scale to meet organizational needs, is extremely efficient.

The ubuntu server is a cost-effective private infrastructure and a key foundation for digital transformation. Speed ​​in corporate business is a strategy for managing financial services organizations, as well as for providing better customer service, while continuing to meet compliance and legal requirements. To do this, all companies need to use the right combination of cloud services, and the Ubuntu server is used to achieve these goals because of its huge benefits.

Types of Ubuntu versions

Differences between Ubuntu versions

Ubuntu Desktop is a Linux distribution developed by Canonical Development and has attracted many users due to its ease of use. Ubuntu is the best choice for people who are not familiar with Linux and receive basic training.

The original version of ubuntu used a graphical user interface and a set of desktop applications for Linux. Ubuntu is designed to make Linux easy for non-programmers to use and works similarly to the Windows desktop interface. There are several types and versions of ubuntu in addition to the usual distribution, including:

  • Ubuntu server version
  • ubuntu Studio for multimedia applications, as well as educational institutions and home learning
  • The version used instead of the desktop
  • Light version for virtual applications and other new versions

Linux is 30 years old, and in those 30 years it has enjoyed some popularity among cyberspace users. This Linux distribution is completely free and open source. Ubuntu server is a good alternative to popular operating systems such as Windows and Mac.


Ubuntu is a good distribution for beginners and was developed by Canonical. This operating system is designed primarily for personal computers, but is still used on servers today. Ubuntu is from the Zulu African language and translates as: (humanity for others). Just because the ubuntu server is open source (ie free to download), businesses don’t have to worry about lack of support, they can easily install the platform and manage their work as accurately as possible.

Imagine running a small business and want to speed up your business as well as save money. In this case, ubuntu may be the best and ideal option. Also, if you own an organizational company and take care of your development and progress. Ubuntu security is high and can help you achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Linux and Ubuntu?

Linux is a general term that includes a kernel with multiple distributions, while Ubuntu is one of the distributions based on the Linux kernel. In other words, Linux is based on the Linux kernel, while ubuntu is based on the Linux system and is a project or distribution.

2. Can Office be installed on Ubuntu?

Due to the fact that the Microsoft Office suite is designed for Microsoft Windows. So it cannot be installed directly on a system that has ubuntu. However, installing and running certain versions of Office with ubuntu on the system makes it possible to use the compatibility layer.

3. How secure is the Ubuntu Linux operating system? If we install ubuntu in our system, our information will not be compromised by an unknown source?

In this connection, we must say that:

Трябваاربر The user must first know what he is doing and check the servers and security applications, after making sure that the applications are protected, start using them.

Ubuntu بسیار is very easy to use and as secure as you can put it in Windows without any worries and has nothing to do with the antivirus program or the choice of operating system. You also don’t have to worry about your data being compromised by an anonymous source because Ubuntu is encrypted and highly secure.

4. Can buying Ubuntu reduce costs?

I have to say yes! One of the main reasons ubuntu is popular with cyberspace users is its profitability. Because it is open source and the download does not involve any costs, it is very cost effective.

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“text”: “لینوکس یک اصطلاح عمومی است که شامل یک هسته با چندین توزیع است در حالی که اوبونتو از جمله توزیع‌های مبتنی بر هسته لینوکس است. به عبارت دیگر لینوکس بر اساس هسته لینوکس است در حالیکه ubuntu مبتنی بر سیستم لینوکس است و یک پروژه یا توزیع است.”
“@type”: “Question”,
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“name”: “امنیت سیستم عامل اوبونتو لینوکس چطور است؟ اگر ubuntu را روی سیستم خود نصب کنیم، اطلاعات ما توسط منبع ناشناس به خطر نمی افتد؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “در این رابطه با سوال‌های ذکر شده باید بگوییم که:

✓ ابتدا کاربر باید بداند که با چه چیزی سر و کار دارد و سرورها و برنامه‌ها را از لحاظ امنیتی بررسی کند بعد از اینکه از امن بودن برنامه‌ها اطمینان حاصل کرد شروع به استفاده از آنها کند.

✓ ubuntu بسیار کاربر پسند است و از لحاظ امنیتی به همان اندازه‌ ایمن است که می‌توانید آن را در بدون هیچ نگرانی بر روی ویندوز قرار دهید و این موضوع هیچ گونه ارتباط با آنتی ویروس یا انتخاب سیستم عامل ندارد. همچنین نباید نگران به خطر افتادن اطلاعات خود توسط یک منبع ناشناس باشید زیرا اوبونتو سرتاسر رمزگذاری شده است و ایمنی آن بسیار بالا است.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “آیا خرید اوبونتو می‌توان هزینه‌ها را کاهش داد؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “باید بگوییم که بله! یکی از دلایل مهمی که باعث محبوبت ubuntu در میان کاربران فضای مجازی شده است، مقرون به صرفه بودن آن است. به علت اینکه منبع باز است و دانلود آن هزینه‌ای را شامل نمی‌شود، بسیار مقرون به صرفه می‌باشد.”

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