With bitcoin falling to $ 36,000, $ 400 million has become a liquid trading position

Recent data shows that at the same time as bitcoin fell to the $ 36,000 range, the $ 400 million trading position in the digital currency market was liquidated. One of the largest liquidations was worth $ 4 million.

Recent fluctuations in the digital currency market have caused significant inconvenience to investors who have used high leverage, according to Crypto Potito; The volume of liquidated trade positions in the last 24 hours reached $ 400 million. The price of bitcoin fell by about $ 3,000 in one day.

It is safe to say that the digital currency market has been experiencing better days recently; In less than a week, the value of this market has fallen by about $ 400 billion.

While many investors have been using terms like “winter of digital currency” and “bear market” for some time, the situation in the bitcoin market has worsened since yesterday.

The digital currency lost significant support at $ 40,000 last week, falling to $ 38,000. He then encountered a sudden and, of course, short jump that slightly raised his price. After the jump, the price of this digital currency fell again and reached the range of $ 36,000, which is the lowest level in 19 days.

During this period, the situation with altcoins was even worse than bitcoins, and the percentage reduction in the price of altcoins such as Ripple, Cardano, Olench, Dodge Coin, Solana, Shiba Ino, Paligan and Crypto.com was double-digit for the last seven days. Atrium and Bainance Quinn are no exception.

According to forecasts, the increase in fluctuations may again lead to greater liquidity in trading positions.

Liquidation occurs when an exchanger completely closes the trader’s leverage trading position to prevent the original amount due to the trader from being burned. In fact, trading platforms do not allow the balance of the trader’s account to reach less than his debt. This happens mainly in the futures markets.

Coinglass data shows that $ 400 million was traded to 12,000 liquid traders as of yesterday. The largest liquidated trading position was in OKEx, which was valued at approximately $ 4 million.

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